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White Paper: The Vital Role of Event Technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Program Overview

Across the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, corporations are hosting and participating in hundreds of meetings each year. From internal national sales and executive board meetings, external meetings for investigators and patients through to large conventions and tradeshows; meeting planners have a full roster of events to plan and execute throughout the year. While the level of involvement and sheer number of meetings hosted each year remains consistent, meeting planners are continually challenged with satisfying high expectations while battling decreasing budgets.

Alongside the economic challenges, regulatory requirements including the Physician Payment Sunshine Act are resulting in amplified workloads for planners as they track and manage aggregate spend. Despite the mounting pressures to remain compliant with current regulations, event managers are striving to successfully engage audiences and provide truly unique and memorable programs and events.

The Q1 Productions Life Science Innovative Meeting Management conference (IMM 2014) will address a wide variety of topics across multiple program tracks in order to suit the varied challenges of the exciting and dynamic attendee audience. General sessions will focus on unconventional venue sourcing, execution of compliant and effective global meetings, meeting architecture and contract negotiation strategies. In-depth tracked sessions will provide focused conversation on the challenges and best practices for the life science meeting planner, 3rd party meeting planner, investigator meeting organizers, and convention organizers. Given the variety of specific challenges in delivering meaningful content and programs, tracked sessions will allow for a customized program for each attendee.

Overall, this comprehensive two-day conference program is focused on bringing key industry leaders and executives together to network, knowledge share, and openly discuss solutions to pressing challenges. Life science meeting planners will share expert insight on the development and delivery of successful and relevant event programs while remaining compliant with domestic and international regulations.

A Conference Unlike Any Other. Our Unique Approach:

  • 100% Peer Driven, Educational Content: Developed for life science meeting planners by life science meeting planners.
  • No Supplier Meetings: Zip-zero-zilch! Attendees are not required to take meetings with suppliers. So go ahead, meet with who you want, when you want.
  • Chicago’s legendary improv comedy theater Second City Communications to deliver an exciting, interactive & inspirational keynote session.
  • Open Door Tracks: All attendees are free to attend all sessions. Come on in! Listen. Learn. Share. Enjoy!
  • Interactive workshops keep attendees engaged & provide tools & best practices that can be directly implemented into an organization.
  • Networking functions are open to all attendees: No invitation required.
  • Structured Networking Breaks: Less awkward moments & more genuine opportunities to exchange ideas & make new connections.
  • Exchange groups will encourage attendees to take part in informal group discussions and become an active part of the conversation.
  • Visit New Orleans! Explore one of the world’s most fascinating cities steeped in a deep history of culture, food and music.

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